Erdogan: “US troops should leave Syria and Iraq, as they left from Afghanistan”

Ankara would like the US troops to leave Syria and Iraq just as they earlier left Afghanistan. About this Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with the American CBS TV channel.

“Of course, if I had a choice, I would like them to leave Syria and Iraq, just as they left from Afghanistan,” he said, answering the relevant question.

“because if we are going to establish peace all over the world, there is no longer the point of staying in these regions of the world, we can simply give these nations, these administrations are the opportunity to make decisions themselves,” Erdogan added.

He was asked and the question of whether it means that, in this case, Turkey intends to take the place of the United States in Syria. “Let me say absolutely clear and honest: we will never stay where we don’t want us to stay, we will never be present where we are not happy,” the Turkish leader replied.

Erdogan hopes that the USA, Russia, Iran and Turkey will be able to work collectively on the establishment of peace in Syria and Iraq.