Erdogan: We expect Armenia to accept hand of world extended to her

On September 25, after the signing ceremony of Azerbaijani-Turkish documents, the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev and the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements for the press.

Reveop Tayyip Erdogan began his performance with the words:

“This time I am very pleased to be with you in Nakhchivan, which connects Turkey with the Turkic world. Since my last visit in 2008, I have proudly observe the development achieved by Nakhchyan. Today, in the year of the centenary of the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, who played a huge role in achieving Nakhchivan of the current level of development, I once again respect his memory. “

Further, Erdogan said: “Turkish-Azerbaijani relations are at an exceptional level that has no analogues in the world. We continue to strengthen these relations and cooperation in all areas in accordance with the motto” One nation, two states. “

“The Shushinsky declaration that I signed with my brother Ilham is a turning point that raises our relationship to the level of allied,” said R.T. Erdogan, emphasizing that Nakhchivan occupies a special place in relations with Azerbaijan due to his strategic significance throughout history. “Today, Nakhchivan has tremendous potential from the point of view of economics, transport and energy. With the creation of regional transport lines, we have the opportunity to fully realize this potential,” he added.

President Erdogan noted the importance of the gas pipeline of Igdyr-Nahchyan. According to him, the opening of the gas pipeline IGDIR-NAMCHEVAN will deepen the partnership of Turkey with Azerbaijan in the field of energy, and will also contribute to the safety of energy supply of Europe.

The head of the Turkish state praised the anti-terrorist local operation of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces: “Azerbaijan’s anti-terrorist operation in Karabakh will be proud of pride. It was successfully carried out in a short time on the maximum accounting of the rights of the civilian population. I sincerely congratulate the victorious Azerbaijan army on its historical success, reached with the manifestation of a humane attitude towards the civilian population, thanks to this victory, new opportunities have opened for comprehensive normalization in the region. “

“We expect Armenia to accept the hand of the world outstretched to her and will continue to take sincere steps,” said Erdogan.