Estonia contributes to search for potential shell suppliers for Ukraine

Estonia does not intend to financially participate in the purchase of shells for Ukraine, but it helps to look for potential suppliers, according to Estonian National Broadcasting Company ERR.

The Czech Republic in mid -February made the initiative to purchase 800 thousand shells outside the EU for the subsequent transfer of them to Ukraine.

The first to support the Czech initiative to express the Netherlands and Belgium, who promised to allocate 250 and 200 million euros, as well as Germany, France and some other EU participating countries.

“The Ministry of Defense of Estonia also conducted a search, and we already know where these shells can be obtained. I can’t name the parameters of possible agreements now, but the suppliers are known to us,” said Kai Kallas Prime Minister.

Estonian Minister of Defense Hanno Pevuru said that some of the contracts have already been concluded. “The Czech Republic, for example, will send its part to Ukraine in the coming weeks. Our task is to get a review of the situation and understand whether Estonia can also do something so that these shells are in Ukraine as quickly as possible,” the head of the department said.

Pevour noted that on March 6 I received a personal letter, which stated that if there was additional funding, you can find another 50 thousand shells outside the EU.

“So the proposals are received, the question is rather to collect the necessary funds,” the minister said.

Nevertheless, the head of the department admits that not all countries that have the corresponding equipment and ammunition are ready to transfer them to Ukraine, even anonymously and through mediation of the EU countries.

“Russian diplomats also do their job very carefully. If we look at the voting at the UN, we will see that not all of them were obvious against Russia, there are those who support Russia. And Russia leads its diplomacy through pressure, First of all, in relation to the states of Africa and South America, in order to enlist their support and keep them from sending ammunition and equipment through the Western countries to Ukraine, ”said Pevour.

The head of the Estonian government, Kai Callas also stated that Tallinn did a lot to support Kyiv.

“We took over a long -term obligation to transfer 0.25% of GDP to Ukraine as part of military assistance. But not all states have made the same contribution. So let the countries that have more funds participate in this,” concluded Callas .