Estonian Foreign Ministry: Tallinn is interested

Although Denmark and Sweden have stopped the investigation of the explosions on the North Stream gas pipelines, thanks to the ongoing German investigation, there is still a chance to find out the circumstances of this case.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Margus Tsakhkna, reports Estonian National Television and Redeemle Company Err.

The minister noted that it cannot say exactly whether it will be possible to really find someone related to this action and prove that it was intentional, since it is not a specialist in this field.

“But the truth is that for the public, as well as in a broader global and political plan, it is necessary that the circumstances become known. Who is worth it, who has done what and who is responsible,” Tsakhkna said.

The head of the department believes that sooner or later these materials will be made public, but at the moment Germany continues its investigation.

“I think that nothing can remain classified forever. Estonia does not directly participate in this investigation, since everything did not happen in our economic zone. But the competent authorities are divided by information with each other,” the minister said, adding that Tallinn, of course, is very interested in the materials obtained as a result of this investigation.

“For example, we had cases of damage to the infrastructure connecting us with Finland and Sweden. We also launched all these processes at the level of the European Union and NATO, regarding the security of the underwater infrastructure,” concluded Estonian Foreign Minister.

Previously, the Denmark police announced that he was stopping the investigation of a sabotage committed in 2022 on the Northern Stream gas pipelines.

Explosions in the Northern Streams occurred in September 2022. As part of the UN Security Council, Russia called for a joint investigation of explosions on pipelines, but its resolution was not adopted.