Estonian Ministry of Defense: Strengthening protection of eastern borders is preventive nature

Work to strengthen the protection of the eastern borders of Estonia is of a preventive nature and will not affect the life of the local population.

This was announced at a government meeting in Riigikogu by Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevurku, answering questions of deputies, the National Television and Production Company Estonia Err.


The question of protecting the eastern borders to the Minister of Defense was addressed by deputy Alexei Evgrafov: “In the light of war in Ukraine, we have a lot about the protection of the eastern border, there are different opinions and proposals, we are even talking about the installation of anti -tank and anti -personnel mines, tell me How does the Estonian state plan to further strengthen the defense of the eastern borders, and how can these measures affect the daily life of the local population? “

According to Pevuru, the defense department and the Ministry of the Interior have already done a certain work that is associated with peaceful, not military time, and is prophylactic.

“You certainly noticed that concrete elements were placed on the border. Also in certain places in accordance with the ratings of the threat or wishes of the police were prepared, for example, barriers made of barbed wire. So we took the corresponding steps in such a way that so that in such a way that so that This bothered the locals, ”said Pevour.

According to an agreement with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this year reservists will be involved in the implementation of the border protection tasks for the first time.

“Perhaps, let’s start with one platoon to test the use of a reserve of defense forces for internal security, we will convene additional collections of reservists and transfer them to the disposal of the police department and border guard in order to carry out proper actions,” said the singer

In addition, the north-eastern district of territorial defense creates a border protection unit.

The singer assured that if there is a need for additional measures, then they will be accepted along with municipalities.