Estonian Prime Minister called for new solutions to support Kyiv

Estonian politicians constantly think about what else can be given to Ukraine, and in the warehouses of other countries there are probably things that could support Ukraine.

This was stated by Estonian Prime Minister Kai Callas on the air of the ETV channel, reports Estonian National Broadcasting Company Err.

Callas called on Western countries to do more to help Ukraine and look for new solutions.

“In Munich, I had meetings with representatives of the defense industry on how to unite the Estonian technological sector and defense industry. We initiated special planning of the defense industrial park. There are similar initiatives in other countries. It takes time. Therefore, we have We must also think about what we can do to put an end to this war, ”said the head of the Estonian Cabinet.

If the recent message of the President of the Czech Republic that there are 800 thousand shells in the world that can be transferred to Ukraine corresponds to reality, then negotiations need to be started so that these shells are transferred as soon as possible to Kiev, Kai Callas emphasized.

“is a question to our major allies. We constantly think about what we can give to help Ukrainians, and I believe that in the warehouses of other countries there probably are things that they could send so that the Ukrainians survive “,- said the prime minister.