Etna Volcano In Italy Again Threw Ashes And Lava

On the island of Sicily in Italy for several weeks, the eruption of the Etna volcano has been continuing.

One of the largest craters of the volcano – Voragin on the night of July 11 again threw the lava and ash.

According to the Anadola agency with reference to local sources, the eruption on the crater continued until the early morning.

According to the Italian media, some of the flights were redirected from the airport of the fountanarossa to the nearby air harbor in Palermo, some were detained. Despite the activity of Etna, the airport decided not to close for the air traffic.

Etna altitude over sea level has changed

According to the latest information provided by the Observatory at the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), due to the end of June of volcanic activity, the height of Etna above sea level increased.

The height of the crater Vuragin reached 3 thousand 369 meters due to the accumulated lava. According to experts, this is more than the height of the southeastern crater, which is 3 thousand 347 meters.

Etna volcano, where in recent weeks there is activity in the form of ash emissions, eruption of lava and earthquakes, is the highest active volcano in continental Europe.