Euro -football: further with Azerbaijan, but without Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

Following the results of group tournaments in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Azerbaijan Conferences League occupies 29th place in the coefficients of UEFA.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of Karabakh, Poland was not able to get to the 28th place. Azerbaijan now has 16.125 points, Poland has 18,500. Both we and the Poles have one club left. The Poznansky “Lech”, like “Karabakh”, will play in the 1/16 finals of the conferences league. In order to get ahead of Poland this season, Karabakh must win five victories more than Leh, and this is from the field of fiction.

At the same time, Azerbaijan was far from the 30th place occupied by Kazakhstan (12.625), which failed the current Eurosason. It is worth saying that the 29th position is an extremely low indicator for Azerbaijan. In recent years, we have stably occupied the 26th line, and in 2018 we were even 23. It affects the fact that in recent years, our rest in European competitions have been extremely weak in, in fact, without helping Karabakh. Take the current season. Of the 3.500 points of 2.625 scored in the asset of the Agdam club. “Neftechchi” was able to score only 0.5 points, “Ziry” – 0.250, “Gabala” – 0.125.

Azerbaijani record indicator in UEFA ranking in one season – 4.375 points. In order to surpass it, Karabakh needs to win two victories, that is, at least to break through in the 1/8 finals of the conferences league. This task looks more real.

European competitions will resume in February. The performance will continue 64 clubs from 24 countries, including Azerbaijan. At the same time, countries such as Scotland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Israel, which are ahead of us in the UEFA rating, have already lost all their representatives.

Recall, the draw 1/16 of the final of the Conferences League will take place on November 7.