Euromillions will play a huge jackpot of € 215 million. How to take part from Azerbaijan

After a few circulations, when not one of the participants guessed the entire winning combination of the whole, and the jackpot reached a 215 million euros close to a record mark, the circulation will take place on Tuesday, May 10.

EUROMILLIONS lottery circulations have been held for several weeks, and not one of the participants has still disrupted the jackpot …

Euromrillion lottery will conduct the following circulation on this Tuesday, 215 million euros will be played during the circulation, and this prize may be the entire winner. To have time to take part in this circulation, you need to have time to buy a ticket until six in the evening, and choose five main numbers and two Laki Star Laki numbers. You can do this on, offering Azerbaijani official tickets of leading world lottery.

Euromillions lottery (Euromillions) has been held for the fifteenth year. During this time, she firmly entrenched as the largest lottery of the continent and gained the greatest popularity among lottery lovers from around the world. Initially, the lottery was carried out only in France, Spain and Great Britain, but later several more countries in Europe joined them, including Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland. Circulations are held 2 times a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The next lottery draw will take place this Friday, at 20.45 in Paris, and the inhabitants of Azerbaijan may try to disrupt the jackpot on a par with players from any other country of the world.

Here’s how you can provide your participation in the nearest circulation:

  • Create an account on
  • Go to the Euromillions
  • page

  • Mark your numbers
  • Confirm and pay for the order
  • Wait for the circulation and check the results
  • Separately, we note that the service does not take commissions with winnings. The source of his income is a small margin to the cost of the official ticket, which customers pay when placing an order. All customer prizes are paid to them completely (after the release of the relevant taxes).

    Join the constantly growing list of winners on the site

    Among the winners on the site there are also winners in the lottery of Euromrillions. For example, in July 2019, South Korean Kh.S.L. I got rich at € 1 million. “At first, I could not believe that everything was happening in reality!” – the lucky one told about his feelings after he received a call with congratulations from the service representative.

    H.S.L. – Not the only winner on Participants from Panama, England, Iraq, Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, El Salvador and many other countries also won impressive amounts on the site.

    € 220-million prize of Eurorelliones can be disrupted at any time. Buy tickets for the super -operation of Euromillions from Azerbaijan, and perhaps you are lucky!