Europe: drought and water shortage

Due to the strong drought and water shortage in southern Europe, some countries urge citizens to limit the use of water to a minimum, writes Deutsche Welle.

In particular, the government of Portugal, Spain and Italy take measures to save water. In Italy, the situation is the worst, because of the strongest drought, a state of emergency has been announced, the use of water is allowed only “for household needs and personal hygiene.”

In Spain, the situation is similar, since the country is rather arid in the usual time.

In Portugal, the situation is better, people began to prepare for a lack of water in the winter. However, the local government also introduces prohibitions on various irrational use of water.

The situation is complicated by the fact that private water consumption in the EU is only 9% of total consumption, about 60% is absorbed by the agricultural sector. Agriculture in the southern part of Europe will lose part of the crop and several million euros. At the moment, a quick solution to the problem of lack of water is impossible, but European officials and ecologists are thinking about creating a system of more sustainable water distribution and modernization of existing water communications.