Europe saw in Israeli gas an alternative to Russian

The supply of Israeli gas through Turkey to Europe is considered as an alternative to Russian raw materials, RIA Novosti writes with reference to Yeni şafak.

“The tension between Russia and Ukraine remains, the searches of alternative gas are continuing in Europe. Israeli gas is considered as an option, its route is planned through Turkey, through the eastern Mediterranean. If an agreement is reached on the delivery of Israeli gas to Europe through Turkey, it is expected that it is expected that it is expected The Turkish ship will be on duty during the program, ”the publication reports.

It is specified that “having focused on deep -sea drilling for oil and natural gas production, Turkey included the fourth drilling vessel in its fleet.” “The new drilling vessel, which went from South Korea on March 7, goes towards Tunisia. The 74-day flight of the ship will end when on May 19, on the day of youth and sports, the ship will arrive in Turkey. A new generation ship, which will serve in the Eastern Mediterranean will begin its first mission in July after two months of preparatory work. It will contribute to deep -sea research and dredging work in the Mediterranean Sea, can work at a depth of 3 thousand 600 meters, is capable of drilling up to 12,200 meters, ”Yeni şafak notes.