Europeans leave their parental house aged 26.4 years

In 2022, young people, residents of the European Union, left their parental house on average at the age of 26.4 years. This is evidenced by the data of the European Statistical Agency Eurostat for 2022.

However, the indicators differ significantly between the countries.

In the first place in this statistics is Croatia (average age 33.4 years). Next are Slovakia (30.8), Greece (30.7), Bulgaria and Spain (both 30.3), Malta (30.1) and Italy (30.0). On the contrary, the lowest (younger than 23 years) was recorded in Finland (21.3 years), Sweden (21.4), Denmark (21.7) and Estonia (22.7).

In the EU, on average, men left their father’s house later than women: in 2022, the average indicator in Europe for men was 27.3 years, and for women – 25.4 years.