Eva Kylie recognized her father’s complicity in case of corruption

Former Deputy European Parliament Eva Kylie made partial confessions that she asked her father Alexandros Kailis to hide a significant amount of money in her house.

Kylie is contained in the women’s department of the Kharen prison since December 9 and is held in the case of corruption related to the World Cup in Qatar, the newspaper France Soir reported on Tuesday.

“The accused admits that she instructed his father to hide the money,” the newspaper quotes a fragment from the arrest warrant written by the investigative judge Michelle Klez. Eva Kylie will appear before the Chamber of the Council December 22.

The sources of the publication report that Alexandros Kailis was detained on the day of a large -scale anti -corruption operation when he took refuge in the Sofitel Brussels with a suitcase full of cash.

The European Police Agency (Europol) joined Monday to investigate the case of corruption, the newspaper informs. In this investigation, Europol provides human and technical support. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed the support of the European Agency for Cooperation of the Justice bodies in conducting searches in this case in Italy.