Ex-head of Centers for Control and Prevention of US Diseases (CDC): “Coronavirus broke out of laboratory in China”

Flare Coronavirus, most likely began in the Uhana back in September-October 2019 – much earlier than officially recognized the authorities of China. China hid it, and the disease managed to spread to all the provinces of the country and break over the border before the world learned about the danger. Such a version of the CNN Medical Observer, Dr. Sanjay Gupta expressed an American virologist, the former head of the Centers for the Control and Prevention of US Disease (CDC) Robert Redfield. It is reported by the Israeli publication “Details”.

Redfield headed CDC from 2018 to 2021, including during the coronavirus pandemic. This was preceded by a long career in public health and the struggle against another dangerous epidemic – for decades he was one of the world’s leading AIDS researchers.

According to the American virologist, the United States was not officially notified of the “mysterious outbreak of pneumonia” until December 31, 2019. The virologist is confident: statements by the Chinese authorities that the first cases of coronavirus disease originate in the seasonal market in Uhana, – lie. Moreover, the government hid a problem even from his own physicians.

Redfield told CNN about his private telephone conversation with a colleague from the Chinese Disease Control Center Dr. George Gao. According to him, “Gao Magnifier and began to cry,” finding “many cases” among people who have not visited the market in Uhana.

A critical step is that China has banned the entry to American medicine experts at the beginning of the epidemic. This Prelfield’s opinion confirmed in a conversation with a journalist CNN and the main infectious player of the US Anthony Fauci. “I think if we sent our people to Wuhan and could talk to Chinese scientists at least an hour, they would have received so much information from the very beginning,” said Faucci.

Robert Redfield, referring to the Virologist’s experience, said that he did not believe in the version, as if Koronavirus was transferred to a person from a volatile mouse. The main thing is that it makes him doubt it, the high infinity of the virus “at the start” of the epidemic. “Usually, when the pathogen goes from the animal to a person, he needs time to” understand “, how to become more effective,” the virologist notes.

According to the former chapter of CDC, the original source of the epidemic has become a laboratory in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Since 2015, a group of scientists studied coronaviruses of volatile mice, similar to SARS, and their impact on human cells.

This is a controversial, a politically charged theory, which WHO calls “extremely unlikely,” said CNN Sanja Gupta. There is still no clear evidence of the leakage of the virus from the laboratory. However, more than a year after the outbreak, a group of WHO scientists in Uhana could not finally determine the origin of the virus.