Ex-president fought Iran for personal benefit. case stopped

On Thursday, the Argentine judge has ceased to be the case against the former president, and now Kristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s vice-president about the intended concealment by it the possible role of Iran in the car’s explosion in 1994 at the Jewish Community Center, which killed 85 people.

The case has become a loud topic in the headlines of world media in 2015, when the prosecutor who behaved against the then president of the country is Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, was found dead with a bullet injury in his apartment. The investigation then came to the assumption that he was killed, and did not commit suicide.

Judge on Thursday ruled that all charges of de Kirchner and other officials of its administration “do not constitute crimes,” reports Reuters.

The trial was considered to attempt the De Kirchner administration to sign a memorandum with Iran to find out who was responsible for the explosion of the car at the Jewish Center.

In his indictment in 2015, the Prosecutor Alberto Nisman argued that, signing this memorandum, the ex-president tried to utrail the former Iranian officials who were found at the international level, in exchange for commercial benefits from them. Later, the judge was killed, which was proved by the investigation and in 2018 his verdict confirmed the court of Buenos Aires.

The murder occurred shortly after A.Nisman presented a 300-page document with the prosecution of President de Kirchner in the desire to conceal the role of Iran in the explosion of the Jewish Community Center in the capital of Argentina.

The judge ceased, because it was not proved that a concealment or exchange of benefits took place behind this memorandum.

Fernandez de Kirchner held the post of Argentina’s president from 2007 to 2015, and now is the vice president of this country. The decision of the judge can be appealed.

Recall, as president of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner has been involved in loud scandals, including corruption. She was charged with a waste of considerable public funds in the provision of large building contracts. And the attempt of extravagant and power ladies an authoritative to remove the president of the National Bank ended for Kirchner Impiciment. In 2019, she found archival rarities – unique handwritten documents of former presidents of Argentina and Chile, stolen from the state marks of these countries. Meeting, she said during the investigation that President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented them during her visit to Moscow in 2015.

She was more accused of unclean affairs more than once, but the spectacular brown was managed to leave the water. So this time, it seems, the 68-year-old Vice-President will slip away from justice. Although, as some experts believe, it’s too early to put a point.