Ex-President of Brazil Bolsonar was removed from elections for 8 years

The Supreme Election Court of Brazil banned the former president of the country Zhair Bolsonar to run for the post of head of state until 2030.

68-year-old policy is charged with abuse of official powers and manipulation of the media.

According to the verdict, Bolsonar abused political power and used the media to undermine confidence in the Brazilian electronic voting system.

According to the judges, this indicates a statement by Bolsonar at a meeting with foreign diplomats in 2022. In the appeal, he made unreasonable accusations against the Brazilian electronic vote system on the eve of the presidential election with the participation of the current head of state Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva.

During the trial, the project of the decree Bolsonaru was presented, which was found in the residence of the former Minister of Justice Anderson Torres during the raid conducted by the police in January. The document was qualified as evidence of an attempt to falsify the results of the President of 2022.