Ex-president of Iran Ahmadinejad: Russia and China will regret support of Taliban

Russia, China and Pakistan will regret the support of the Taliban, stated in an exclusive interview with Aamaj News Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, noting that the Taliban pose a threat to the whole world, since the power of the weapon bent his line contrary to the will of the Afghan people. The manifestations of this he calls events in Panjshether and Fariaba.

Iranian politician considers Taliban by the American project. In his opinion, the Taliban are neither religious nor ethnic movement, Ahmadinejad added that religion is incompatible with weapons.

ISIL and Al-Qaida with Taliban quickly gain strength and, when they fix it, will again become a serious threat to the countries bordering on Afghanistan, an ex-president of IRI is approved.

The future balance of forces in Afghanistan will affect the expansion of the opposition of the Taliban in Panjshreh – this will happen, albeit not quickly, says Ahmadinejad.