Ex-president of Israel met new love

Two years after the death of Nekhama, the 82-year-old ex-president of Israel, Reuven Rivin, tied up new relations. The Israeli media found out that his chief of Cemes from Ramat Ghana became his chief for 60 years. In the past, she worked in the system of pre-school education, led by children’s gardens.

According to familiar, Sarry is presented in the close circle of the ex-president. She is called a good and hearty woman. In an interview with Israeli radio, a woman refused to answer questions related to personal life. Only reported that with a refoven Rivlin familiar many years, previously worked with him. “I love him as a person and president, he is actually charming, wise and witty. And that’s all,” said Sarody.

Commenting on the publication in the press about her relationship with Rebivlin Revlin, Sarite Cmemy said: “There is a lot of what is published.” In response to a direct question from Walla Sarit Cemes, stated: “I do not want to comment on my personal life or the privacy of the president.”

Reuven Rivin’s resigned from the post of President Israel in July 2020. In June 2019, his second wife Nehama died, in marriage with which Rivin lived for almost 50 years.