Ex-president of Poland is confident that world is on verge of third world

The world was on the verge of the Third World War, said former President of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky. He said about this in an interview with Polsat News.

According to him, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “the world has changed a lot.” “It was the end of one era and the beginning of another, unknown era,” Kvasnevsky noted.

Now, on the one hand, there is Russia, which “holds” Belarus in his hands, and on the other – “a single West, led by President Bayden,” he explained.

In addition, there is China that claims to Taiwan. Beijing, according to the ex-president of Poland, waits until Russia is weakening. According to him, a weak neighbor – “this is good news for them.”

In a word, the world is “in a period of dangerous chaos”, Kvasinevsky pointed out. “The very fact that we are talking about the beginning of the Third World War is horrified,” the former Polish leader believes.

According to Kvasnevsky, Ukraine will not go to the world on the terms of the Kremlin, but Russia will not retreat. Russia must lose, but “it will still exist,” therefore “its weakness makes sense,” Kvasinevsky believes. Biden, in his opinion, made the right decision, refusing to supply some types of weapons to Ukraine so as not to aggravate the situation. “The US president wants to avoid a new world war at all costs,” he is convinced