Ex-President of Russian Federation proposed alternative to Kyiv “Formula of World”

The deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev proposed an alternative to Kyiv “Formula of the World”, which consists of seven points and suggests “full and unconditional surrender” Ukraine.

“The will of the so -called former Ukraine is not visible to negotiations. In any case, on the basis of the recognition of the realities that V.V. Putin said yesterday,” wrote the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation in his Telegram channel, commenting on the “formula of the world” proposed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

He noted that everyone understands well, including the West, that “even in much simpler situations during the war, the world can be achieved either in the presence of mutual will of the parties on the basis of a reasonable compromise, or by surrender one of the parties to the conflict.”

“The only way out is to construct your Russian formula, calm and quite realistic. Human for everyone,” he said.

Medvedev claims that such a formula should assume “Ukraine’s recognition in the military component of the conflict”, “complete and unconditional surrender of Kyiv, as well as demilitarization and“ prohibition on the creation of militarized formations in its territories in the future. ”

Among the points of the alternative Russian Formula of the World “is the official recognition of the temporary parliament of Ukraine that its entire territory is the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the adoption of the Act on the reunification of the territories of Ukraine with Russia.”

“This can be a soft Russian formula of the world. This is the compromise position, yes? I think that it is on it that you can look for a friendly consensus with the international community, including the Anglo -Saxon world, to conduct productive summits, counting on the mutual understanding of our close friends – Western partners, ”he concluded.

Earlier, in September 2022, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky turned to the UN General Assembly with a pre -recorded video in which he voiced five conditions for the “Formula of the World”, including the punishment of Russia for “crimes committed against Ukraine”, the protection of life, protecting life. “All available funds allowed by the UN Charter, restoration of security and territorial integrity, security guarantees from other countries and the determination of Ukraine to continue to defend.

In November 2022, the detailed content of the “Formula of the World” out of 10 points was published by the President of Ukraine during the G20 leaders in Bali in Indonesia.