Ex-president of Russian Federation declared leaders of United States, France, Britain, Germany accomplices in Crocus City Hall

The deputy chairman of the Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany accomplices of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall in the Moscow Region, who claimed more than 100 people.

“Dear leaders of the United States and the countries of Europe! You are not enough statements by terrorists who told about the million rubles promised in Kyiv and you need to get there, they need to go through a gap on the Russian -Ukrainian border? So, the attack was ordered, right?”, – – Wrote the former president of the Russian Federation on the social network x.

Medvedev said that the real customers of the attack in the suburbs are “Ukrainian Bandera”.

“And the accomplices of this murder are all of you, [US President Joe] Biden, [French President Emmanuel] Macron, [British Prime Minister Rishi] Sunak, [Chancellor of Germany Olaf] Sholts and other minions,” concluded the deputy chairman of the State RF.