Ex-President of Russian Federation: Kyiv and West are ready for anything to “erase Russia from face of earth”

Kyiv and the Western world that supports it, are ready for everything to “erase Russia from the face of the earth.” This opinion was expressed by the deputy chairman of the Council of Security of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the situation around the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in his Telegram channel.

“The enemy has long promised” a great counterattack. “And it seems to have already begun something. There are no surprises, since there is no choice for the Kiev regime. We must advance. We must justify the loot and weapons,” the Russian politician wrote.


According to Medvedev, Kiev has only one way out – “go to the end, sending thousands of mobilized ones to permit.”

“But in this case, we should not underestimate the enemy. The enemy and the Western world that supports him are ready to erase our country from the face of the Earth. Therefore, the main thing is now to concentrate and give a decent answer. At our army. A significant advantage in aviation, and in armored forces, and in high -precision weapons. And of course, moral superiority. We need to stop the enemy, and then start the offensive, ”Medvedev believes.

At the same time, the ex -president of the Russian Federation noted that the purpose of the Russian offensive is “the complete deposition of the Nazi Kyiv regime.”