Ex-Prime Minister Georgia: I’m not leaving my policies

Ex-Prime Minister Georgy Gaharia, who left the post on February 18, said he remains in politics.

“First of all, I want to tell you that despite the many gossip, I’m not going to leave anywhere. Moreover, I’m not leaving from politics. We go according to the plan, on our agenda that will give us the opportunity in Sorry to share with you everything in the near future, “said Gaharia to journalists, reports TASS.

whether the ex-prime minister will create a new political party, which will oppose the ruling “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia”, is not yet known, but Georgian media have repeatedly reported that Gakhariya is engaged in the formation of his team. After his departure from his post, the head of the government of Kakhamber Kamoklidze and his deputy Bardy Sichinava also filed a resignation.

Gaharia, who headed the government since September 2019, left the post of premiere due to disagreements with the team about the arrest of the deputy, chairman of the opposition party “Unified National Movement” Nicky Melia.