Exacerbation in Donbass: Zelensky reacted to death of military

President Vladimir Zelensky responded to the exacerbation of the situation in the Donbas, where four fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed, in Friday, as a result of a shelling from the territories of Ukraine.

“… Today we have lost four defenders of Ukraine. Sincere condolences. I urge all the leaders of the Norman Four and partners to do everything possible to maintain the full and comprehensive cease-fire regime,” wrote Zelensky in Twitter.

“In my order, the head of the General Staff of Ukraine immediately flew to the scene for a comprehensive clarification of all the circumstances of the case. Representatives of Ukraine in a tripartite contact group are entrusted to initiate an urgent holding of an extraordinary security meeting of the subgroup, and urgently discuss this issue at the level of advisers of the Norman format leaders . In the near future, I will spend talk with all the leaders of the Norman Four, “added Zelensky in Telegram.

The President of Ukraine also noted an escalation in the Donbas since the beginning of the year. According to him, “Further movement in the fulfillment of all other agreements and permit the situation in the East of Ukraine is impossible under the sounds of shots and explosions … A comprehensive and stable silence must be reigned in the Donbass.”

Advisor to the information policy of the Ukrainian delegation to participate in the tripartite contact group Alexey Arrestovich reported on the air “OUR” TV channel that the Ukrainian side in the joint center of control and coordination of the cease-fire and stabilization of the sides of the parties (SCPC) nine times tried to stop the shelling As a result of which four Ukrainian military died.

“This provocation is in pure form, judging by what happened there. Because, according to preliminary data, our Party in SCKK tried to stop fire through the Special OSCE Monitoring Mission,” said Arrestovich.

According to the Ukrainian military journalist Andrei Kolploinko, “considering that the shelling was conducted by the mortar of the 82 millimeter caliber – and this is not such a dangerous weapon as the 120th – it is with a fairly high probability of probability coordinated with drones. Because you can Present: Four people died from mortar shelling not the largest caliber. The shelling was quite accurate. “