Expert of Ministry of Health on an increase in number of heart attacks in Azerbaijan

In recent years, cases of sudden heart attacks and heart diseases have become more frequent among young people. Among the reasons, experts call an unhealthy lifestyle, increased consumption of energy drinks, especially among young people, as well as genetic factors.

According to, this was stated by the expert expert of the Ministry of Health, Cardiologist Farid Aliyev, talking about cardiovascular diseases on the ministry page on Instagram.

“coronary heart disease” was younger. “In Europe, the number of people who attach great importance to their health is gradually increasing. And in our country a number of people leads an unhealthy lifestyle. This leads to an increase in heart attacks. Smoking is also a risk factor for people with diseases hearts, ”said the cardiologist.

According to Aliyev, a healthy lifestyle is necessary to protect against cardiovascular diseases: “For example, the oil used in daily nutrition must be selected correctly, mainly olive. It is necessary to stay away from cigarettes, food semi-finished products, sausages and hot Dogs, as well as fried food. In fact, everyone knows about a healthy lifestyle, but many do not want to follow it. It is also necessary to increase physical activity, go to sweat every day. “