Experts stated most dangerous countries for traveling in 2022

International company International SOS has created a security and health care card for 2022.

As expected, most countries with the highest risk are located in the Middle East and in Africa – Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Congo and Iraq. Another zone, defined as the maximum level of risk, is the Donetsk and Lugansk region in Ukraine, which are under the control of separatists.

Russia, India, Israel, Brazil, Middle East countries and almost all of Africa, except Morocco, also have a low security assessment.

From Europe countries, only seven countries have been attributed to the group of least risk – Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia and Luxembourg.

The rating was made up according to the parameters of political violence, including terrorism, political instability and war, the parameter of culture and society, which includes ethnic, social or industry violence, and the crime rate parameter in the country.

Company experts also made a travel risk map during an epidemic. So, not the most successful choice for traveling the company considers trips to China, India, Central Asia, Australia and Israel. This is an assessment of only difficulties for travelers, but not an estimate of the incidence. On the map of the most infected countries, South Africa is leading, France, North Africa.