Explosions in large cities of Afghanistan: dozens of dead

As a result of three consistent explosions in the largest in north of Afghanistan, the city of Mazari-Sharif died on May 25 and dozens of people were injured, reports Aamaj News.

According to information, minibuses with passengers in the Shiite quarters of the city were blown up.

Tolonews television channel with reference to the representatives of the Taliban movement, said that as a result of terrorist attacks in Mazari Sharif, 9 people were killed and 15 were injured.

Another terrorist attack occurred in the evening of May 25 in the Khazrat Zakaria mosque in Kabul. The hospital, where the victims and the bodies of the dead were delivered, reported five dead and 22 wounded.

According to NBC, the Afghan branch of ISIS took responsibility for terrorist attacks in Mazari-Sharif. Responsibility for an explosion in the Kabul mosque so far none of the terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan has taken over.