Fall of Turkish Lyra: Tourists and merchants in plus?

A sharp drop in Turkey of the national currency in relation to the dollar led to the influx of tourists to the country who came to rest, as well as for cheap goods. Turkish media report that the city of Van these days is overflowed by Iranian tourists. Taking advantage of the fall of the Turkish Lira, they are having fun in full, drink, buy local goods at a low price.

Head of the Association of Hotel owners and tourism of the city of Wang Yunus Yuksel says that Iranian tourists can stay at the hotel for 10 dollars and eat for only 2 dollars. And earlier, Iranian tourists flocked in Wang to have fun at the New Year holidays, but this year their stream began long before the holiday. In addition, hotels are already booked for New Year’s holidays in advance, and there is not a single room. Yunus Yuksel noted that with the influx of Iranian tourists, there is a revival in trade, which pleases local merchants.

According to Yuksiel, earlier than 4,500 Iranian fogs were 1 TL, currently 1 TL approaches 2,200 fogs. This allows Iranians to make more purchases in Turkey and cheaper to pay for numbers in hotels. “Therefore, we are confident that even more Iranian tourists will arrive in the coming days,” he said.

We will remind, earlier Turkish media reported that the Azerbaijanis who came to Igdyr would exchange 1 Azerbaijani manat for 8.5 Turkish lira and buy goods twice as cheaper.

The Turkish city of Edirne on the border with Bulgaria is also revived these days. Bulgarians are massively flowing here for high-quality Turkish goods for the low price. Hotels in Edirne are also crowded, as well as Wan hotels, and Bulgarians say that, exchangeting 1000 euros per Turkish lira, they can walk for several days, make New Year’s purchases for themselves and their loved ones.