Famous actresses were arrested in Iran

Two famous Iranian actresses appeared in public with a uncovered head in solidarity with protesters against the hijabs, after which they were arrested. BBC reports that Hengama Gazani and Katayion Riahi – the owner of numerous awards – were accused of conspiracy and anti -government actions.

Women were detained on Sunday. Before the arrest of Hengama, Gazani wrote in social networks: “Whatever happens, know that, as always, I will be on the side of the people of Iran. Perhaps this is my last post.”

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Gazani and Riahi – among the famous Iranian public figures who expressed support to the protesters against the authorities.

The captain of the Iranian national football team at the World Cup in Qatar, Ehsan Hysafi said on Sunday: “We have to admit that the situation is bad in our country and people are unhappy.” The head of the boxing federation Iran Hossein Rayry said that he would not return home from the tournament in Spain due to suppression of protests at his homeland.

According to human rights activists, from the beginning of protests in September, about 400 demonstrators were killed and more than 16 thousand people were arrested. The Iranian authorities sentenced the five demonstrators to the death penalty on charges of “enmity against Allah.”