Famous American political scientist: Turkey managed to bypass United States, China or Russia

Shock unmanned aerial vehicles developed in Turkey in recent years, change the modern tactics of fighting. This is stated in the article by the American Polystologist Francis Fukuyama, published in the American Purpose magazine.

“Impact BPLs made an important contribution to the rise of Turkey as a regional power in 2020,” writes Fukuyam, writes Anadolu.

The publication notes that in the early 2010s, the United States and Israel were considered leading players in the development of unmanned aviation, but Turkey was able to establish itself as one of the leaders of this market.

Fukuyama reminds that drum drums developed by Turkey were used not only in Libya, Syria, Karabakh (Azerbaijan), but also in the fight against the PAC terrorists within Turkey itself.

“due to the greater effectiveness of Turkey managed to bypass the United States, China or Russia and become a stronger regional power,” writes Fukuyam.

American political analyst attracted attention to the impressive characteristics of Turkish drip drones. For example, TB2 may be in the air 24 hours and perform tasks both by exploration and on the attack.

Fukuyam recalled that for the first time Turkey used the drums in March 2020 after death in Syria 36 Turkish military. Together with the technique, including air defense systems, all the factors deployed in this region, controlled by Assad, writes an expert.

Next, Turkish drum drones continued to surprise in Libya and Karabakh. Especially remarkable the scale of the damage caused by these means of unmanned aviation by Armenian troops, Fukuyama believes.

The American expert is confident that in the near future, drones will be in the center of attention in wars and conflicts. “Impact UAVs radically changed the situation. They are cheaper, they are hard to reveal and destroy, and they allow you to not risen the lives of pilots. The army around the world is now thinking about how to protect themselves from drones, and it is unclear who won the arms race between the drums and systems and systems contamination protection, “the publication of the American publication says.