Famous French chef created a menu for a rich Azerbaijani family

Famous French restaurant critic Gilles Pudlovski told in his blog about the restaurant “Shirvan” in Paris. In the establishment, the full name of which Shirvan Café Métisse was invited, Azerbaijan Cook Zaur Safarov.

According to Pudlovski, the menu for the restaurant created the famous acres of Benallal – the Frenchman of Algerian origin. “He came up with this menu for a rich Azerbaijani family,” Gastrokritik writes. “New cook, a native Baku; his name is Zaur Safarov. He changed here a magnificent Hinda of Manoja Sharma. The kitchen remains in the same tone, successfully combining the dings of the Middle East. Lebanon to Iran, as well as Kitchens of India and Maghreb.

In Shirvan Café Métisse, a new and young team was gathered, motivated on an elite mixed kitchen: black hummus with smoked eggplants and fried nuts, cauliflower with Tank sauce or Divine Azerbaijani marill with stapped lamb (it’s about Gutaba – Ed.) Will you want to see it closer. “

Akram Benlal called the restaurant “Shirvan”, inspired by his trip to Azerbaijan.

“Shirvan is the ancient province of Azerbaijan, which inspired Akram Benallala, is stated on the website of the Parisian restaurant.” It is being in places in the passage of an ancient silk path that passes through Azerbaijan, a chef presented to himself a joint kitchen, delicately flavored with spices.

After a trip to Baku, the cradle of Azerbaijani cuisine, our chef draws inspiration to create your silk path. Restaurant “Shirvan” – the product of this labyrinth of the alley, this magnificent bazaar, which paints the dishes and projects the images of the East so tightly that it seems that it is supplied to them. “

It is worth saying that the prices in the section of the Azerbaijani cuisine “Shirvan” are high enough. So, the gutab with lamb is worth 21 euros, and with greens – 17 euros. The portion of the sack of sea bass will cost visitors at 35 euros, and “Dana Bastarma” – in 45.

40-year-old acres of Benallal his first star “Mishlen” received in 2012. He opened several restaurants in Paris, Hong Kong, Manila and other cities in the world.