Famous Hentaller analyst in an interview with haqqin.az: “Russians simply do not understand psychology of Europeans”

“In the geopolitical struggle with the West, Russia creates problems not by Europe, but to the countries of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The blockade of the ways of transporting Ukrainian grains and agricultural products is a thoughtful step to provoke a global food crisis,” said Haqqqın interview .az
Ulrich File von Hentaller, head of the Center for Strategic Research Global Round Table and Hares Group Holding.


According to him, Russia actually put the countries of Africa and the Middle East in front of the dilemma: either to fight the West on its side, or to face the threat of real hunger. And in this sense, the West was in a rather difficult situation, since the life of tens of millions of people will depend on its relationship with Russia.

“At the same time, Moscow is trying to split the unity of Europeans, drawing historical parallels between the situation in the Donbass and the events in Kosovo, – the analyst notes.“ However, we are talking about two completely different conflicts in all legal aspects. “

Hentaller is sure that the European Union and the USA will not succumb to either food or energy blackmail of the Kremlin, and Ukraine will receive all the necessary tools to protect its territorial integrity.

“After a visit to Kyiv, presidents of Germany, France, Italy and Romania, the European Union intensifies decisions on military assistance to Ukraine and will strengthen sanctions against Russia. The time limit for long discussions and coordination with doubting EU members has been exhausted,” the analyst said.

According to Hentaller, there is unity on the issue of supporting Ukraine in the European Union, but at the same time, there are disagreements in the details of this support. In particular, Hungary falls out of the general context of anti -Russian sanctions, which has been outlined in a phased refusal to import Russian gas. At the same time, the analyst is convinced that the EU will not endlessly endure the egoism of the government of Victor Orban.

“I would be careful in the place of the Hungarian leadership with neglect of the principles of the general policy of the EU, – Hentaller noted.“ It is possible that subsequent EU decisions will be made without the consent of Budapest. Given that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an extreme situation, and Also, the fact that the European Union does not have its army and military command, the EU protection function is entrusted to NATO. And in such a situation it is not necessary that decisions are made by the consensus of all 27 European Union states. “