Farmers of North of Syria hoping for good harvest

Farmers from the zone of the Operation “Source of the World” in the north of Syria are expected to have a high crop of agricultural products against the backdrop of abundantly precipitation.

In recent years, there has been a drought in the region, the end of which this year laid winter and spring precipitation.

Support to farmers and the agricultural sector of the region, cleaned from YPG terrorists (Syrian wing of the RSC) in October 2019, are provided by local self -government bodies.

According to information received from local officials of the region, 1.6 million acres of arable land in the areas of Tel-Abjad and Rasolin was allocated this year under barley and wheat. And in this regard, more than a 3-time crop is expected due to precipitation that have fallen above the predicted level. Farmers hope to get a revenue of $ 300 per ton from the sale of barley, and $ 400 per ton from wheat.

In an interview with Anadol, one of the farmers of Tel Abjad Abdullah Elsuf said that the drought, which took place for the past few years, caused great damage to farmers, but the current season was rainy.

“We are optimistic this season. We are very happy with the current situation this season, but everything will depend on the organization of marketing,” Yusuf said.

Another farmer Adil al-Hamed, noted that local farmers are very pleased that the land irrigated by rains this year will give a good harvest.

According to him, the crop obtained from the fields in past years covered only the costs of seeds. “The crop this season is better than in previous years. I hope that the situation of farmers will improve,” the farmer said.