Farmers on tractors paralyzed center of Madrid

in the framework of the protest of the Spanish farmers against the agrarian policy of the EU in Madrid, continuing from February 6, hundreds of tractors were included.

Agrarias require the authorities to take specific steps as part of a package of measures of 18 points proposed by the Government.

The strike is carried out at the call of the three largest agricultural trade unions of Spain – Asaja, Coag and UPA.

About 500 tractors paralyzed the movement in the center of the Spanish capital, where about 5 thousand farmers from all over the country gathered.

Promotion participants require more flexibility from the European Union, more tight control over agricultural products from countries that are not part of the EU, as well as an increase in assistance from their government.

According to official figures, over 50 participants in the protest of farmers were detained from February 6.