Father of beaten child in Ismailla: “… too big noise swelled”

As already reported, video frames appeared on social networks, where the educator of a kindergarten in Ismaillinsky district gives the climbing to her little ward.

The video extended the public of Azerbaijan, an angry charges fell to the Khdsad workers. Meanwhile, the father of the child, Deputy Director of the Ismayilli Center for Vocational Training Center, Rashid Mirzaliev, did not see any particularly reprehensible in the incident. As he said to haqqin.az, he learned about what happened only from the Internet, and at all it is not worth exaggerating the misdemeanor of the teacher, it is necessary to deal with everything.

“Of course, we were indignant to what the parent would calmly react to the fact that his child is beaten. But the fact is that this teacher, Zulfia Bakhshev, our close relative, can be said, a member of our family. She already apologized to us , I assured that everything turned out by chance, due to the fact that the baby for some reason did not do as she asked … I have three children, and they all went to this kindergarten. And I never heard from them, nor From other children complaints that they treat them badly … “,” says Mirzaliev.

As for the college’s student, who filmed the incident in kindergarten, how she assured R. Mirzaliev, in whose subordination, by the way, all the profound of the area, no one from his studies removed.

But the application has already allowed himself in relation to young pupils Zulfia Bakhshev, moreover, there is an investigation into the incident.

Mirzaliev himself said that he had no such authority to eliminate the student. As for Bakhsheva, as a relative, he, perhaps, is sorry for him, but he is still very unhappy with the beating of his child.

“This attitude towards children, of course, to put it mildly, is undesirable. However, you should not believe all rumors around this story. In my opinion, too big noise swelled,” the father of the affected child calls.

Note that the Izmaillah’s hearing institution is investigated in the Ministry of Education, interested in the incident and law enforcement agencies. The educational department first dismissed Z. Bakhyshev based on the paragraph “ç” of Article 70 of the Labor Code of the country.