FBI believes that there is every reason to criminal prosecution to son of Biden

The US Federal Bureau of Investigations believes that there is enough evidence for the presentation of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, a criminal charges of tax crimes and that he lied about drug use when buying hand -made firearms in 2018, follows from materials from materials The Washington Post and CBS News.

At the same time, the US prosecutor in Delaware, who oversees the investigation against the president’s son, has not yet decided whether to make criminal charges on this case, the Washington Post reported.

One of the investigations concerns the alleged tax crimes of Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden’s business transactions and consultations in Ukraine and China, including receiving 50 thousand dollars a month from the Ukrainian company Burisma, have long attracted the attention of politicians and raise questions about the ethics of his connections with foreign companies, given the political influence of his father. During the current investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax operations, the question of whether he completely declared the income related to various business operations, including abroad, The Washington Post.

Another alleged crime identified by federal agents was the statement of Biden in federal form, which he filled in 2018 to purchase hand -made firearms that he does not suffer from drug addiction and does not use drugs illegally, although he in his memoirs he wrote that he often used drugs that year.