Festival of aviation, space and technology Teknofest started in Izmir

The ex -rim has started the Teknofest – Izmir festival, space and technology, organized by the Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

As the correspondent of Anadola reports, the third festival is held at the Chigili Airport this year.

The festival will last until October 1. The event is attended by 121 organizations, including ministries, representatives of the state and private sector, universities and institutions, media companies, playing a leading role in the formation of the “National Technological Ecosystem” of Turkey.

The Festival opened its doors at 09.00 local time.

The event “Scene is yours” will be held within the framework of the festival, thanks to which music lovers will be able to try themselves on stage

Those wishing to visit the festival can be registered on the site and in the mobile application Teknofest.