Fifth -generation Turkish fighter Kaan successfully made first flight

The Fifth -General Turkish fighter Kaan successfully made its first flight.

A combat aircraft equipped with the latest technology, before the first flight, successfully passed test tests of the catapult chair, full -sized static tests, inertial and static trials of rudders, tests for the release of the chassis, testing of the Avionic system in the laboratory of system integration, as well as testing fuel systems . Finally, on the highway, slow and fast steering tests were carried out.

Due to the first flight, the plane took off from the Murteda air base near Ankara and, after a short test flight, returned to the base. Piloted the combat vehicle Barbaros Demirbash.

with the Kaan aircraft, Turkey will enter the top five manufacturers of the fifth generation aircraft.

Kaan will be able to work together with platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles and air warning and controls.

Thanks to the integration of the new generation weapons, Kaan will be able to apply high -precision strokes at supersonic speed. And artificial intelligence systems and support for neural networks will provide an additional power to the aircraft.

, as part of the KAAN program in Turkey, one of the few large flight-testing centers for testing on-board equipment in the conditions of lightning, as well as testing the visibility of the aircraft in the radar surveillance zone will be created. Aerodynamic pipes will also be created to check the interaction of the aircraft with an air flow. All this will expand the capabilities of test data.

The Directorate of the Delushysaries of the Administration of the President of Turkey confirmed that Kaan successfully made its first flight.