Fifth MiG Airplane for a year crashed in India

MiG-21 Air Force Air Force crashed during the training flight, the pilot state is not reported, RIA Novosti reports.

“Today, about 20.30 with the MiG-21 aircraft, India has an incident during a flight in the Western sector during training departure. More detailed information is expected. The investigation is currently being conducted,”

According to the India TV channel, the catastrophe occurred in Rajasthan, near the Indian-Pakistani border. According to the sources of the TV channel, the pilot of the aircraft died.

This is the fifth accident involving MiG-21 in India this year. The previous catastrophe with this aircraft occurred August, then when the car crashes, the pilot survived. Two more incidents, as a result of which pilots MiG-21 died, occurred in May and March of this year, and the first incident with this car occurred in January, when India’s Air Force reported to the aircraft as a result of a “serious technical malfunction”.