Fight of Sadyhbalei with Mirzoyan in OSCE. What did ambassadors of USA and Russia say?

After an unsuccessful attempt by Armenia and France, a few days ago, to accept a statement with the accusation of Azerbaijan on the UN Security Council on the Lachin -Hankendi road, the situation was discussed in the constant OSCE Council on the initiative of Yerevan. This is the second discussion on this topic conducted by the Council from the beginning of the action. To participate in it, Ararat Mirzoyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, went to Vienna. Azerbaijan limited himself to the presence of his permanent representative in the OSCE.

In his speech, Mirzoyan announced “the blockade and the humanitarian catastrophe, which was faced with the inhabitants of Karabakh.” However, in the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia there is a hint of Russia. Mirzoyan said that “the blockade of the Lachinsky corridor is associated with geopolitical games,” and hinted that in fact there is Moscow.

“We cannot stand aside and watch how people slowly die of hunger because of political games and, possibly, geopolitical reasons. It is time to act now,” said the head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

The minister also touched the issue of the Zangezur corridor. And in this statement it is impossible not to notice a hint of Russia. According to him, Armenia does not intend to give “someone” (!!!) a corridor through its territory: “We exclude any extraterritorial corridor in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. We will not provide anyone with any corridor.”

We recall that earlier the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated that Russia has pressure on Yerevan in order to open the Zangesur corridor, as well as with the aim of joining the country to the Union State of Russia and Belarus. According to him, one of the instruments of this pressure is the closure of the Lachin road.

Of course, in reality no one in Hankendi does not die of hunger, and there is no mention of a humanitarian catastrophe in the city. Every day, on the road of Lachin – Hankendi, dozens of trucks of Russian peacekeepers are freely moving, who, among other things, are taking the first necessities for Armenians. Moreover, Ruben Vardanyan, a Russian billionaire of Armenian origin, calling himself a “state minister”, a few days ago confirmed that there is an alternative route from Hankendi to Armenia: the necessary goods are also transported along this route. In other words, the pathos statements that the “120,000th Armenian population of Karabakh” “is about to die from hunger,” as well as the performance of Ararat Mirzoyan from the OSCE tribune are designed to achieve one goal-to ensure international pressure on Azerbaijan.