Finland terminated agreement on border cooperation with Russian Federation

Finland terminated the agreement on border cooperation with Russia. The corresponding resolution is published on the website of the Finnish government.

“On the termination of the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, he reported in a note sent to the Finnish Embassy in Moscow on October 25, 2023. According to the note, the agreement is terminated in accordance with Article 14 of the Agreement 90 days after the notification, that is, January 24, 2024,” the saying said In the message.

A document on the development of border cooperation was signed by Russia and Finland in 2012. Within the framework of the agreement, the parties agreed to jointly engage in the socio-economic development of border regions, create the conditions for the mutual transportation of passengers and goods, equip the checkpoints across the Russian-Finnish state border, help, if forest fires and emergency situations occur, and warn about natural disasters and technogenic accidents .

Earlier, Finnish Prime Minister Peteri Orpo announced the closure of all points of crossing the border with Russia from November 30 to December 13.