First astronaut of Turkey: Turkey has serious potential in field of space

Whatever crises, no matter what conflicts and disagreements occur in different regions of the world, space has always been uniting a platform, turning the efforts of people into a good result.

This was stated by the first astronaut of Turkish Alpere Goseravja, speaking at the panel session “Cosmic Diplomacy: Research of New Opportunities” organized as part of the III diplomatic forum in Antalya.

Goseravji drew attention to the importance of space diplomacy.

“This important (cosmic – ed.” Anadola “) The mission gave us and our children the opportunity to dream. This gave children Turkey, as well as children of other countries who see a role model in Turkey, the opportunity to believe in themselves and their potential “, – said the Turkish astronaut.

Astronaut called on Turkish youth not to be afraid of the sphere of space and experience their potential in this area.

He appealed to the youth to become part of the growing space industry.

“Investments are growing all over the world. Studies conducted in this area, and participating countries have the opportunity to work here. I always believed that our country deserves places in space. We deserve participation in space activity. We have very serious potential in the field of space, ”said the Goseravjs.