First exchange millionaire of China died

The first millionaire in China, who made a state on stock trading in securities, Jan Huaidin died on the 71st year of life on the night of June 14, reports Associated Press.

The relatives of Huaidina informed the incident to journalists, the cause of his death is not specified. The Chinese trader, known as the “First Shareholder of China” and “Millionaire Yang”, Greater, since the 1980s trading on the emerging financial markets of the country.

Huaidin was born in 1950, in his youth worked at the Shanghai Ferroalloy Plant. In 1988 he resigned from the enterprise and put his savings – about 20 thousand yuan (at that time 5.4 thousand dollars) – in the purchase and sale of governmentobaligations during the period of economic reforms of the Communist Party.

His first million Yang earned in the same year, but he became famous for the whole country after requesting to the police to ensure him to protect him during the move from one province to another with a box packed with money and bonds. The millionaire became the first person in China, who hired a private lawyer. Data on the financial condition of the famous Chinese trader at the time of death did not find.