First major event with participation of new advice of mediation

Today, the board of lawyers and the Mediation Council organized an online conference with more than 100 lawyers and mediators called “Activities of a lawyer and a mediator – current practice and solutions.”

Opening the event, Chairman of the Board of the Mediation Council Nadir Adilov noted that in the framework of the progressive judicial and legal reform under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev, important measures were taken to create and promote the Institute of Mediation, which is an important tool in an extrajudicial resolution of disputes and reducing the load on courts. Adilov noted that reforms in this area continue.

As part of these measures, Adilov emphasized the adoption of the Law “On Mediation” on March 29, 2019. Thus, from July 1, 2021, the law entered into force in full, and now citizens must participate in the primary mediation session before reaching a commercial dispute court, as well as on disputes arising from family and labor relations.

The Chairman of the Bar of lawyers Anar Bagirov, who noted that, thanks to the state policy on the formation of a modern and effective justice system, the introduction of best practices on alternative dispute resolution was managed in a short period of time to form a mediation board and carry out the selection of mediators, more Half from among whose members are members of the lawyers. The board of lawyers made one of the two co-founders of this institution and in society lay high hopes for this new Institute for Azerbaijan. Anar Bagirov also talked about the similarities and differences between institutions of mediation and advocacy, as well as about various duties of lawyers and mediators.

Anar Bagirov also shared the experience of the board for the Mediation Council, noting that the Board is always ready to support the New Institute.