First Turkish astronauts are ready to fulfill mission

The first Turkish astronauts – Alpers Goseravchi and Tuva Dzhikhangir Atasever – prepared for the first space mission, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic. The Turkish astronauts reported this to Anadola as part of a visit to the world’s largest aviation festival, cosmonautics and Teknofest technologies in Izmir.

The first Turkish astronauts plan to take with them into space the Turkish flag, donated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the day of the announcement of the names for the first Turkish space mission.

According to Alper Gzeravchi, the Cosmonauts training program is carefully planned and organized in such a way as not to waste time.

“My suitcase has already been assembled. I will take with me the objects representing the culture of the people of the Yorukov to which I belong, the veil of the F-16 squadron, in which I first fulfilled my duty, and a photograph of my little nephew. In addition, into space The flag of Turkey will fly too. We will take with us a flag donated to us by our president on the day of the announcement of the names of the astronauts on April 29, 2023, ”said Geezeravchi.

In turn, Tuva Jikhangir Ataseever spoke about his participation in the program for the training of astronauts in NASA.

“We simulated a number of tasks that the astronaut has to deal with in his daily life. It was extremely pleasant and instructive. For me it was like a stay in the entertainment park. Education training in space – a process occupying months. We hope that when when We will come to the end of the training and get a certificate, then we will learn how to life in space, ”said Atasevert.

Speaking of his space luggage, the astronaut said that he wanted to take with him the flag of his mother’s native region – Azerbaijan.

“I plan to go into space with two flags as” one nation, two states “, maybe I will take a few more family photographs. I expect to conduct various experiments and return. My suitcase is always ready. If they say:” You fly tomorrow, ” then I will answer: “There are no problems,” added Atasevert.