First unmanned helicopter of Turkey Alpi̇n will be able to land on sea vessels

The first Alpi̇n unmanned helicopter in Turkey will be able to take up and land on sea vessels.

For this purpose, a cooperation protocol between the developer of the drone by Titra Teknoloji and Airbus, one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world, has been signed. The document was signed as part of the SEDEC border security exhibition, at which the drone was presented.

Anadola’s agency talked with the general director of Titra Teknoloji Abdulcadir Schener. According to Schneer, the company and Airbus he headed for 5 months has been working on the implementation of a joint project.

The agency’s interlocutor noted that Alpi̇n is one of the few helicopters of his class in the world.

According to him, the drone has established itself well during the execution of combat missions. The Turkish Armed Forces first used it during the anti -terrorist operation in the north of Iraq.

CEO said that Titra Teknoloji received numerous requests from consumers in Turkey and abroad to equip the helicopter with the function of landing and take -off on sea platforms.

“The landing of a helicopter on the ship is a complex project that we intend to implement together with Airbus. For this purpose, we are written out a protocol on cooperation.

The hillers on the sea vessels during their movement is a very difficult task. Alpin will receive such an opportunity in the next six months. After that, it will be available not only for the ground forces and special forces, but also for the naval forces, ”he said.

Shener noted that Titra Teknoloji plans to implement joint projects with Airbus and in the future.