Flash of Covid-19 in one of cities of China: Locking

The Chinese authorities discovered the Covid-19 Coronavirus in the city of Zhuyli on the border with Myanmar, the Associated Press Agency reported today with reference to PRC healthcare representatives.

According to the Health Commission of the Chinese province Yunnan, in this city, at least nine infected are revealed, among them – five Chinese citizens and four people of Myanmar.

The Commission reported that the first case of infection was diagnosed last Monday. Subsequent testing of contacting helped to identify the rest of the infection. At three infected people of Myanmar, at the age of about 20 years, the symptoms of COVID-19 are not observed. The age of the remaining infected is 22-42 years. About the causes of the outbreak of coronavirus are not reported, writes Interfax.

Power Zhui, whose population is about 210 thousand people, reported that all its inhabitants will be tested for the possible presence of coronavirus, and they will have to go for a weekly home quarantine. In a residential complex, where COVID-19 cases revealed, insulation mode was introduced. Jouley also suspended the work of all enterprises. At the same time, food stores, markets and pharmacies continue to work. Control and checkpoints are organized to control entry into the PRC vehicles.