Flight of first Turkish astronaut of Goseravja as part of AX-3 mission began

at 16:49 local time USA (00:49 TSI) from the Kennedy cosmodrome in Florida successfully launched the SpaceX spacecraft with the first Turkish astronauts Alper Gerevja.

From the starting complex of the 39a Kennedy Space Center in the American state of Florida, the space trip of the AX-3 Goseravja mission began.

Falcon 9 missile, which will deliver the SpaceX Dragon capsule to the International Space Station (ISS), launched at 16.49 local time (00.49 by Turkish time).

Falcon 9 missile 70 meters long, 3.7 meters in diameter and weighing about 550 tons is capable of bringing 22,000 kilograms of useful cargo to low -earth orbit, 8,300 in geostationary orbites and 4,000 kilograms for Mars.

Dragon capsule 8.1 meters can be transported 7 people.

Goseravji will stay in space for 14 days, performing various scientific missions at the ISS.

The AX-3 mission also includes the head of the mission Michael Lopez Alegria, representing the USA and Spain, the pilot Walter Villada from the Italy Air Force and Marcus Wandt from Sweden, representing the European Space Agency.

The launch that was previously scheduled for January 17 by local time of the United States was postponed by SpaceX for one day to complete the final checks.