Flight safety in Russia questioned

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO, the UN specialized institution) believes that a problem in Russia has arisen and continues to exist in Russia, according to a closed ballist of the organization of June 15, RBC reports. His authenticity was also confirmed by the official representative of ICAO Anthony Filbin.

According to information, the reason for the claims is that Russian aircraft has more than one state registration in the register of civil aircraft, which casts doubt on the reality of licenses for their radio equipment and flight suit certificates. Until September 14, the Russian authorities are recommended to deal with this problem, otherwise information about “significant fears in the field of security” will be publicly available, the ballot said. Then Russia will join Eritrea and Butan, where problems with ensuring flight safety are officially recognized.

According to the official representative of the ICAO Filbin, the problems are related to violation of Article 18 of the Chicago Convention: according to it, the aircraft cannot be legally registered in more than one state. Dual registration problems arise related to the international recognition of the license of the radio station of the aircraft and the certificate of its flight fit.