Following Indian bandits in Azerbaijan, Pakistani corrupt officials run

Anti -Corruption Organization of Pakistan (ACE) filed a petition with a request for an arrest for 7 days Adnan Rashid, former deputy commissar of Matiari.

The official is accused of embezzlement of 2.14 billion rupees (about $ 9 million – approx. Ed.) As a result of the organization of the corruption scheme as part of the road construction project. Another accused in this case, the official, Tashfin Alam, who was the deputy commissar of the Nausaro Feruz of the province of Sind, fled to Azerbaijan a few days ago.

On November 17, the anti -corruption police arrested Rashid. According to the indictment, he awarded part of the funds allocated for the construction of the Sukkur-Haidarabad highway. The theft occurred during the redemption from the owners of the land plots on the territory of which a new road will be laid. However, Rashid’s lawyer claims that his client did not agree with the prosecution, and signed the text of recognition under pressure.

November 19, a few days after the arrest of Adnan Rashid, Tashfin Alam left Pakistan and fled to Azerbaijan. In connection with this corruption scandal on November 22, the powers of local self -government of the Nausaro Feruz district were suspended. It was also decided to remove Tashfin Alam from a position for a period of 120 days. It is reported that the names of two more local officials appear in the corruption scandal.

As it became known, the National Department of Pakistan roads allocated a little more than 4 billion rupees for the purchase of land plots. However, the aforementioned officials were assigned half of this money. For this, the owners concluded agreements in which high prices were indicated. After signing the contracts, the owners of real estate cashed the money received from the state and gave half to officials.

It should be noted that earlier Sachin Bishnaya – gangster, who organized the murder of the famous singer and politics of Musa Val, fled to Azerbaijan. A few months later he was caught, and the issue of gangster’s extradition is currently being decided. During the investigation of the Musa Val murder case, the Indian police found out that Rochite Godard is also hiding in Azerbaijan, another member of the gang involved in the murder of a politician.